Landscape projects in water territories, Conferenza di João Gomes da Silva - 9 dicembre 2014, ore 18.30
di Chiara Bishop - martedì, 9 dicembre 2014, 15:06
  Landscape projects in water territories
Conferenza di João Gomes da Silva
9 dicembre 2014, ore 18.30
Aula AIPb, Complesso di Santa Chiara, piazza Santa Croce, Alghero

Waterscape. Designing settlements for sustainable coastal territories

Gianfranco Sanna

Giovanni Maciocco e Antonello Marotta

João Gomes da Silva
João Gomes da Silva is a Landscape-Architect educated at Évora University, Portugal (1979/ 1987), producing space and sharing experience since then. As a professional he has been developing thinking and landscape space works through his office for Global Landscape. He also served his professional community as vice-president of Portuguese Landscape-Architecture Association APAP from 2000 to 2004. As a professor his teaching experience started at U Évora (1987/1994) and developed on international Academic community at ENSP Versailles; TU Berlin; ETSAB Barcelona; P Milano; ‘La Sapienza’ Roma; U Penn Philadelphia; BFUL Ljubljana; among several other significant places. He serves now the Department of Architecture from U Autónoma Lisboa as Associate Professor on Landscape Studies at Master level, and as Professor at Accademia di Architettura Mendrisio USI. He served ENSP Versailles as a Board member during a trienal period.