Unbelievable Pretty Lucky - 25 Novembre 2014, ore 17:00
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  Unbelievable Pretty Lucky
Collecting the individual in divided cities
25 Novembre 2014, ore 17:00
Complesso Santa Chiara, Aula AIPb, Alghero

Lezione aperta di Patrick Fransen, Architectuurstudio HH + NOAHH

Introduce Massimo Faiferri
Direttore del Master Sustainable and Affordable Housing

“Giving sense to void spaces”
The existence and persistence of phenomena of social and environmental deterioration in our cities, of voids that lack any quality, of underutilized “zoned” areas, all seem to be passively accepted by local municipal administrations, as the inevitable consequences of the onslaught of building development that has devastated regional landscapes from the Second World-War onwards into the 1980’s.
Patrick Fransen, born 1967

Patrick Fransen has been working since 1992 at Architectuurstudio HH and won the second prize in the Archiprix 1993. He is supervisor of the urban area Waterrijk in Eindhoven, the Netherlands and specializes in complex projects, such as theatres and cultural buildings, urban development and housing. He is also a frequent teacher at colleges and universities and jury member in architect/building selections.

He is the architect of the Music Centre TivoliVredenburg in Utrecht, RICOH HQ in Den Bosch, Multipurpose Meeting Facility for ESTEC in Noordwijk, numerous housing projects and residential care complexes such as in Eindhoven, Nijmegen, Haarlem and Middelburg. He designed a new typology school in Eindhoven and various schools in Belgium. The Urban plans by him are Waterrijk in Eindhoven, Schoolenaer Paswerk area in Haarlem and ecological residential resort in Eraclea Mare (Italy). For Schoolenaer he won the 1st prize: ‘Lieven-the-Key penning’, the first prize for best urban project in Haarlem of the last decade. The TivoliVredenburg music centre is listed for the MiesvanderRohe awards 2015.

In 2014 he started a new firm called NOAHH operating parallel to Architectuurstudio HH, focussing on designing in networking relations. (Network Oriented Architecture). The way we make use of space and the way this influences social contacts is present in all his works.