Lezione aperta: Abitare è arredamento con Federico Soriano - 16 ottobre 2014, ore 12:00
di Chiara Bishop - giovedì, 16 ottobre 2014, 08:52
  Abitare è arredamento
Lezione aperta di Federico Soriano
16 ottobre 2014, ore 12:00
Aula bastioni destra, Santa Chiara, Alghero

Introduce Massimo Faiferri
Direttore del Master Sustainable and Affordable Housing

Federico Soriano has given 183 lectures and 10 papers at conferences both in Spain and abroad, has been sworn in 40 competitions in architecture, he has written 10 books and 119 articles and his work, projects and competitions and has been published in 197 articles and 13 monographs various magazines, and exhibited in 53 solo and group.

He has conducted 47 courses and workshops in various national and international locations. He has supervised 7 PhD theses read, carrying another 16 and participating in numerous courts. He is principal investigator of the research group "ProLab. Laboratorio de Investigación del Proyecto Contemporáneo". And member of the Group of Educational Innovation. " Dispositivos aglutinadores de proyecto" It has three administrations recognized research.